We seek and find industrial wastelands and other silent witnesses of civilization.

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History, substance, infrastructure, context – in the first prospecting we see potentials.

Work packages

The development is outlined in phases and service packages.


Settlement begins, new life pulsates and radiates into the region.

In the international competition for talent, there is a need for lighthouses that bundle the creative potential of cities and break down shock barriers. The revitalization of brownfield sites has a special symbolic effect: relics of the industrial age become a symbol of upswing through change and the innovative power of creative industries.

Chris Müller

speaker, developer, créateur & entrepreneur

Chris Müller is an expert in brownfield real estate. The development of the Tabakfabrik Linz was significantly shaped by him, with he has further built up know-how and implementation expertise, blogs as “Urban Miner” and runs the “Department of Disruptive Disciplines”.

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Department of disruptive disciplines

Can you create technical or social disruption? No. But you can let views, expertise and ideas collide in a staged space. A journey into the underbelly of innovation.

Tabakfabrik Linz

Where cigarettes once smoked, heads now smoke – the Tabakfabrik Linz has mutated from a death-dealing producer to the pulsating creative industries queen of the steel city.


As the scion of a mining dynasty, Chris Müller has developed a profound way of working against superficiality. With a philosophical and socially observant approach, he blogs as Urban Miner.

When industrial wastelands come back to life, hears the story of these silent witnesses and puts them in a new context. GmbH | Tabakfabrik Linz | Peter-Behrens-Platz 6 | 4020 Linz |